Back in business

My life changed a lot lately. No need to dive into details, let’s just say that Im back in France, and also back in robotics.

I decided to join Hease Robotics, a company started in 2016 by two friends of mine. Both have been in robotics for quite some time, and decided to start their own company, with a very smart idea. They offered me to lead marketing and business-related topics, and it was impossible to say no. Everything is to be done and they trust me.

Over the years, I became quite opinionated about marketing and business development. Not that I can’t change my mind and evolve, but I feel more and more confident about my ability to understand what should be done, plan ahead and execute.

As Im feeling excited about the freedom Im given to come up with my strategy, I can also feel very intensely the responsibilities that are tied to it. I just need to make sure these responsibilities don’t stop me from enjoying what I do and feeling self-confident. Even if it may seem counter-intuitive, I think doubt plays an important role in self-confidence – or at least in mine.

So Im experimenting a lot at the moment. I trying to give a shape to what’s in my mind.  That’s a good thing keep my brain busy on something different than thinking how much I miss the US.

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